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Amanda in Wonderland

Color Scheme: Purple – Hot Pink – Chartreuse Green - Gold

Theme: Alice in Wonderland

Seating: Traditional - Kids Lounge

“Curiosity often leads to trouble” but not at Amanda in Wonderland! A wheatgrass garden path with live rabbits bordered a purple carpet lead guests into Amanda’s Wonderland. Skeleton keys with guest’s names granted them access to the next part of the journey. From there, guests entered a room filled with oversized pink mushrooms, flowers, twinkling tavern trees, moss and rich purple furniture. There was Alice in Wonderland details everywhere such as Mad Hatter Hats, the Cheshire Cat hiding in the trees, butterflies, and stained glass. All these harmonious details paired such a fun, lively, innovative image that brings a spectacular event to life.


Event Design & Décor: Debbie’s Designs

Venue: Crystal Plaza

Entertainment: Pure Energy

Photography: Carolina Rivera Photography

#aliceinwonderland #CrystalPlaza #BatMitzvah #Wonderland #CustomBar

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